3-GISpresso Session 1: Speed up your network planning with 3-GIS


The 3-GISpresso Sessions are a series of bitesize webinars which aim to inform and educate viewers around the application of 3-GIS software to industry topics and challenges – perfect for consumption with your morning coffee!

Fibre network engineers bear much of the weight of ensuring infrastructure can support ever-increasing network demand. Faced with smaller teams, increased footprints, and tighter deadlines, engineering teams must scale up operations from all sides. However, rushing through the planning phase can lead to reliability and performance issues down the line.

When it comes to your fibre projects, make sure your planning and engineering processes can support the velocity of your network buildout without compromising quality. In this first breakfast seminar, our presenter will provide insights into:

  • Planning and designing with 3-GIS | Network Solutions
  • Using PIA data more effectively
  • Incorporating third party data to speed up Civil Build
  • How to create usable job packs for construction crews

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