Athena Broadband Case Study

SaaS solution expedites FTTH buildout


Established in 2010, Athena Broadband is a Middle Tennessee-based Internet Service Provider specializing in high-speed Internet solutions and quick-response customer service for residential and commercial customers. The company also offers customized point-to-point solutions for customers looking to link multiple offices, as well as business phone services.

Athena Broadband prides itself on being large enough to offer customers the latest in Internet technology options without losing the personal touch of being a homegrown provider that supports the local economy. Athena Broadband staff monitors the network around the clock, and if an issue ever arises, customers always get to speak with local technicians who will work 24/7 to make things right.



  • Implement a cloud-based fiber design and management system so the business can deploy an expansive FTTH network


  • Route miles designed faster
  • Destination points connected quicker


  • Full-production environment available within 24 hours of purchase
  • Fiber design started 2 days after purchase
  • Users trained in 6 hours
  • BOM generated in minutes after initial design

Performance enablers

  • SaaS platform let us assign our high-skilled team members to more complex tasks
  • Hosted environment required no up-front hardware costs or local software to install on our machines

"We are happy to have found a cost-effective solution that allows us to properly design and document our outside fiber plant from the start. After lessons learned from buying wireless companies which had little documentation or network information, we wanted to properly record our fiber builds from the beginning rather than try to recreate it once it was in the ground."

-Josh Lynch, Owner

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