Bridging the gap: Unifying systems and data for network management

Webinar: Bridging the gap

Interoperability, or the ability of different systems, software, and technologies to work together seamlessly, has become imperative  in sharing and exchanging network data efficiently. For fiber network operators, this means the integration of various systems, including billing and provisioning, and platforms, including GIS and CAD, to enhance the overall performance and productivity of their network operations. 

This webinar cover ways to unlock the full potential of your fiber network management system, leading to more agile, efficient, and customer-centric operations. Topics include: 

  • Linking disparate systems to get a unified view of network infrastructure 
  • Harnessing a centralized repository for geospatial and network data, including the use of third-party tools 
  • Using APIs to ensure long-term viability and adaptability in a rapidly changing industry landscape
  • Use cases and scenarios on how 3-GIS customers are connecting processes

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