Community Fibre customer spotlight

Rapidly responding to growing fibre demand

Community Fibre

Community Fibre, headquartered in London, England, provides 100% full fibre broadband services at speeds of up 3,000 Mbps for residential and 10 Gbps for business premises in London across their wholly owned and operated fibre optic network.



  • Update processes to support deployment of fibre to 2.2 million additional premises over the span of two years


  • Usage of a combination of different GIS systems to manage connectivity and customer data, which meant that stakeholders could not easily receive or interpret needed information


  • Implement 3-GIS | Web to be able to expose complete network information to stakeholders without GIS experience while providing engineers with the tools necessary to create detailed designs, all from one system

Why 3-GIS as the solution?

  • Read the full story here.

"Having a better system in place allows us to go faster, and if we can accurately track and record the network, it becomes even more valuable."

-Matthew Milligan, Head of Strategy Planning at Community Fibre