Emerald Broadband customer spotlight

Expanding fiber accessibility in Oregon

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Emerald Broadband is a public benefit internet provider servicing the cities of Eugene, Springfield, Westfir, and Oakridge in Oregon with affordable high speed fiber internet service.



  • Acquired a coax company in 2019 to replace the network with fiber and expand to neighboring cities


  • Various sources of data and unique building strategies mandated a network asset management system that would simplify accessing locational data for everyone in the organization


  • Implement 3-GIS | Web as the system of record, giving teams flexibility and accurate network data

Why 3-GIS as the solution?

  • Read the full story here.

"3-GIS gives us the flexibility to map our network the way that we are building it, not the way that 9/10 people are building it. Of all the tools we have used, 3-GIS has been the most critical piece in tying everything together."

-Evan Brander-McCaffrey, GIS Manager at Emerald Broadband