Extracting the most value from your OSP data

In the context of digital transformation - which is in every service provider’s strategy book - data management of conduits, strands, poles, manholes, and other elements of the outside plant have not typically been part of the discussion about the “digital network”. As network services become more dependent upon an increasingly complex network architecture, the physical network data has become more crucial for making business and operational decisions. Obtaining, documenting, and modeling the connectivity of this changing and extending network has not been easy.

The panelists in this webinar discuss how data from planning, constructing, extending, and maintaining the outside plant can be used by service providers to lend to the “monetization” of their assets, provide faster services to the customers, and improve operational efficiency to minimize errors which in turn helps the top line and bottom line.

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  • Strategies for end-to-end economics in your network
  • Digital transformation projects and whether they are based on an incomplete or inaccurate picture of your physical network
  • Gaining better visibility of your fiber assets to inform business decisions

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