2021 Geospatial World Forum

Advancing your network deployment strategy with GIS doesn’t have to be difficult

Speaker: Ed Bagnall 
Session: Geo4Telcos, 21st of October, 15:30 – 17:00
Ed’s speaking time: 16:00-16:15
Location: Amsterdam


Where are my customers? Where is best to turn up new services? This is just a glimpse of the multiple questions that network providers, managers, and engineers need quick answers to. 3-GIS helps you answer these exact questions by providing network management solutions that help you gain a holistic view of your network to reduce costs and improve network performance.  

Join session Geo4Telcos for Ed Bagnall’s presentation on how service providers are taking the next step in physical network management by: 

> Providing solutions that improve the speed of network planning and construction
> Creating an accurate and complete OSP geodatabase

Geospatial World Forum 2021 is back with a mission to re-connect the supply and demand of geospatial capabilities across economic sectors through solution-based thematic programs, high-level roundtable meetings, workshops, training sessions, and various after-hours social functions.