Service providers are adapting to meet today's need

In the last decade, the telecommunications industry has undergone visible changes. With endless changes and an increase in demand there is an indispensable need for telecommunication companies to deploy networks faster than ever before. When asked, Kyle highlights that scalability and flexibility are the two end goals of service providers today: “building that scalable solution that’s flexible, that can share data and that can quickly adjust is vital to being successful today in the telecom market as the competition just grows and grows every day.”

Kyle continues to explain what a new method would look like for a service provider who seeks to adjust its operations: “The first step is always figuring out what your source of record is going to be and moving towards a single source of record.” He further highlights the significance of data uniformity for outside plant management: “creating that single source of record that everyone inside your organization is looking at drives the decision-making process, and it allows you to have some confidence inside the decisions that you’re making. So, once you get this data model, the structure of all your assets… then you can start to build the external systems around that, and you can start to see the fruits of your labor.”

When the discussion is steered towards the main differences between larger service providers and smaller service providers, Kyle explains that “smaller companies have the ability to pivot faster than larger providers. The steps for smaller service providers are probably almost identical but the speed at which they can be accomplished is drastically different.”