The real-time revolution: Accelerating fiber deployments with a business process for better data

Service providers are seeking ways to gain business advantages by getting their fibre networks activated faster than their competition. It isn’t enough just to deploy quickly. Every day that is spent passing data back and forth between vendors and systems is time that interjects errors and lost revenue. In this webinar, Kyle Siniard, VP of Technology at 3-GIS, presents the business process where one of the largest service providers in the US not only created a digital model of their fibre network but collaborated with their engineering and construction vendors to update the operational database with as-built data in real time.

The discussion reviews an at-scale project where this business model transformed the traditional engineering and construction processes with 20 vendors and delivered over 40,230 fibre kilometers in 8 months. The audience discovers the business process changes needed to break data silos between external and internal resources and create a framework for faster activation and high data accuracy of outside plant assets. Specifically, Siniard shares key insights about collaborating with multiple engineering vendors to achieve consistency in network design and deployment.

Main topics include:

  • A method that can scale to meet strategic business objectives
  • Readiness to market new services at the time of completion
  • Integrating physical network data with other operational systems
  • Using planning and construction data to manage the physical network
  • Overcoming vendor reluctance to change

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