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How can a service provider overcome siloed and inaccessible data to speed up fiber deployment?

Leveraging a systematic approach for real-time data management of physical network assets can not only transform the data collection process but alleviate many of the struggles associated with inaccurate and incomplete data. Building a method of collaborative applications to create the accurate, immediate data needed throughout the enterprise helped solve three primary problems associated with the status quo of network management:

         1. Inaccurate data
         2. Lag time between open for sale and marketing
         3. Siloed information

Inside this eBook you will learn about: 

> What it takes to make this change
> The value plus of building a single system of record with real-time data management
> Choosing 3-GIS as your technology partner
3-GIS technology and learned experiences

About the Authors
This informative eBook is a collaboration between Kyle Siniard and Michael Measels. At 3-GIS, Kyle is the Vice President of Technology leading the internal and 3rd party teams of developers to build network design and analysis products that give customers of all sizes the advantages of speed and agility in their business decision processes. Michael Measels VP of Product Management, is an experienced product leader who specializes in driving vision and roadmap for 3-GIS. He most enjoys the consultative nature of product management where he interacts with customers to resolve their complex business problems. 

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