3-GISpresso Session 2: Streamline field work and enable your contractors


The 3-GISpresso Sessions are a series of bitesize webinars which aim to inform and educate viewers around the application of 3-GIS software to industry topics and challenges – perfect for consumption with your morning coffee!

Designing, building, and restoring fibre networks in a time sensitive manner poses significant challenges for field teams including the ability to keep system records accurate and provide critical information in real time.

Ed Bagnall, 3-GIS product manager, presents this introductory session into how 3-GIS | Mobile can be used to streamline field work focusing on redlining and inspecting PIA.

 During this session, our presenter covers the following topics:

  • What field work are we talking about?
  • Performing walk-outs efficiently
  • Inspecting PIA

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