Oman Broadband customer spotlight

Leading the transformation of broadband in the Middle East

Oman Broadband

Oman Broadband Company, wholly owned by the Government of the Sultanate of Oman, empowers its communities and businesses with low cost, high-speed internet services through the latest fiber broadband technologies.

As of December 2023, Oman Broadband has expanded its fiber coverage to 744,312 premises and 265,970 subscribers. Additionally, movable assets have grown to over OMR 276 million from the company’s establishment in 2014 through the end of September 2023.

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  • As the leading provider of broadband services in the country, covering 54% of urban regions in Oman, Oman Broadband is working to maximize coverage in rural communities and provide high-speed internet to 95% of urban premises by 2030--enabling wide-spread economic benefits.


  • Recognizing that Ericsson Network Engineer had reached end of life and continued use of the system would put their timeline in jeopardy, Oman Broadband needed to move swiftly to overhaul and modernize processes—enabling the service provider to increase deployment velocity while keeping costs low for end users.


  • As a continued commitment to provide reliable, high-quality service, Oman Broadband selected 3-GIS as a partner, becoming the first service provider in the region to replace Ericsson Network Engineer.

  • By moving to 3-GIS | Web, a modern, fully supported software as a service for telecom network design and management, Oman Broadband is able to:

    • More easily utilize legacy data when making strategic decisions
    • Create constructable fiber network designs
    • Document all telecom network assets in a single system
    • Seamlessly access network data from the field
    • Quickly train staff from anywhere and at anytime


Why 3-GIS was chosen as the solution

  • Field mobility
  • System flexibility
  • Future ready
  • Esri-based (read more)
  • Technical maturity
  • Training and support


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