Onug Communications Case Study

Automated planning facilitates network engineering


ONUG Communications, Inc. is a communications design solutions provider that supplies exceptional design, project management, installation, and related services for both large and small undertakings for the communications industry, private enterprises, and government agencies.

ONUG provides turnkey communications infrastructure solutions. ONUG offers planning, design, and implementation of the construction of voice, data, and video networks for the long haul, metro, and access markets.



  • Utilize automated designs to improve time to market, remove engineering subjectivity to allow for better targeting of the desired market demographics, and design a more cost efficient and effective network.


  • Identified more cost-effective fiber serving areas to build
  • Detailed engineering drawings completed 35% faster


  • 13,468 destination points planned
  • Fiber routes, fiber sizes, terminal placements, address assignments, and BOM ready in 5 days
  • Automated design routes were 28% more cost efficient to construct utilizing less fiber
  • Detailed BOM and budget produced, and a refined plan to support engineering and implementation

Performance enablers

  • Informed designs give us the information needed to enable targeted build-out
  • Machine-prescribed routes reduce the amount of time for managing customer turn-up