Where can ML/AI take network engineering and construction services?

With high fixed costs of designing, building, and maintaining a network, Service Providers are looking to their Engineering and Construction forces to reduce costs while building networks faster. Many Engineering and Construction firms are looking not only to implement automation in their processes to meet these demands, but also to provide new services. In this webinar, the presenters discussed several network planning and design business issues that machine learning and AI applications can address: 

  • Reducing the cost of gathering location data with geospatial and aerial imagery for extraction and anomaly detection
  • Getting faster and better costs estimates with deployment type data extraction
  • Managing the network to be “right sized” for profitability
  • Meeting the challenge to build out a network while managing cash flow
  • Planning a network based on the order of areas to cover by the cost to deploy
  • Designing networks to be more resilient


Michael and Fabion FBA Webianr

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