Is AI the answer to better data capture?


Artificial intelligence, more commonly referred to as AI, has experienced a surge in popularity due in part to its ability to expeditiously automate tasks, generate content, and process data. As industries increasingly delve into the applications of AI, leveraging it for data capture is gaining momentum in the telecom sector.

Watch this 30-minute on demand webinar to learn more about the AI-powered app SSP Vision. SSP Vision uses computer vision, machine learning, and augmented reality to automatically capture detailed network asset data in the field, enhancing accuracy and efficiency. Creator Peter Batty will take us through this session and will:

  • Address the critical challenges telcos face in maintaining up-to-date and accurate GIS data 
  • Demonstrate the application’s ability to swiftly capture data on poles, drops, and more 
  • Highlight functionality and integration within 3-GIS | Web

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