Innovation in fiber through smart software with Nathan Patrick, CTO Sonic and Sean Buckley, Associate Editor of Broadband Communities

Nathan Patrick CTO says, ”Sonic is a software company that happens to be an internet provider.” This thought leadership has created a business that PCMag rates as one of the top ISPs in the country for delivering the fastest speeds. Sean Buckley, editor for Broadband Communities magazine, opens up a discussion with Nathan to explore what it means to be “GIS first” when profitably building a fast-growing leading ISP. The topics and issues discussed are:

  • Addressing make-ready engineering as a data management problem
  • Routing toughest challenge in telecom
  • Optimizing layer 0 for OpEx, CapEx, and profitability
  • Using GIS to monetize the complete network
  • Transforming the business with GIS
  • Criteria for a network management system

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