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Connected Britain is the UK’s most important connectivity event, where industry leaders from across the public and private sector come together to discuss the future of UK connectivity. Join Team 3-GIS in London at Connected Britain 2022, where you can learn all about the fastest growing telecom platform for fibre design and network management in the UK&I. Let us show you how to bridge the gap from plan to manage. Schedule a meeting with us one-to-one or drop in anytime.

When: 20 - 21 September 2022
Where: London, United Kingdom
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Tuesday, 20th September

11:00 AM - Smart Britain panel: Strategies for building the infrastructure to enable smart places across the UK.

Don’t miss our product manager Ed Bagnall speaking at the Smart Britain panel: Strategies for building the infrastructure to enable smart places across the UK.
Presenter: Ed Bagnall
> Building smarter communities across the UK from rural to towns to cities
> How is fibre and 5G supporting the development of smarter places?
> Using public sector assets to accelerate 5G deployment
> What has been achieved in the past 12 months and what’s next?
Duration: 30 minutes


How we can help

Our GIS-based platform serves as the foundation for businesses to plan, design, and manage their fibre networks; provides real-time data that is used enterprise-wide; and enables automation for faster service activation, in one seamless system.

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Expansive duct networks are used to support utilities of all types, and fibre networks are no exception. Learn how 3-GIS helps you manage your duct space. Solve your business challenges by putting data into the hands of those that need it most with intuitive and informative applications powered by Esri and 3-GIS. Learn how a London-based service provider uses 3-GIS solutions to respond to a drastic increase in demand for fibre.