The value of GIS in telecom: End-to-end processes in a mobile tool


With a continued push toward complete digitization and centralized reporting of the network, many service providers and engineering companies alike have taken advantage of applications to support the mobile workforce and streamline data capture from the field. However, the process of eliminating data silos and accelerating data transfer takes more than simply throwing apps at the problem. It requires easy-to-implement yet centralized processes that ensure the data captured can provide accurate reporting to shareholders, perpetuate better customer service, and support plans and strategies, without inconveniencing the crew.

Watch this second installment of a 4-part webinar series on the value that geospatial data and analytics bring to the telecom industry. The presenters discuss the evolving world of field applications and:

  • What field mobility means for telecommunications companies
  • Challenges telecommunications companies are overcoming with mobile applications
  • Considerations to be made before the implementation of mobile processes
  • Where the future of field mobility will take us

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