The value of GIS in telecom: What, why, and how of enterprise GIS

Value of GIS pt. 4 - What, why, and how of an enterprise GIS webinar

When it comes to building and maintaining telecom networks, spatial awareness is a must. However, telcos and engineering firms worldwide are moving beyond using GIS to simply map out assets and instead have begun implementing enterprise-wide GIS strategies. But what does that mean for them, and what could it mean for you?  

In this fourth and final installment of our Value of GIS webinar series, we dive into enterprise GIS and the far-reaching benefits. During this 30-minute session, our presenters will:


  • Break down enterprise GIS and what it means for telecom 
  • Explore the role of enterprise GIS in building new and maintaining current telecommunications networks 
  • Share valuable insights into how telcos have implemented enterprise GIS to optimize operations

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